Top 15 Best Bathroom Shower Chairs of 2024

Bathroom shower chairs are ideal for supporting people with disabilities or elderly to accomplish a safe and comfortable shower. To withstand humid bathroom conditions, these seats are crafted from non-slipping, corrosion, and rust free materials to maintain hygienic conditions.

Now, shower chairs for elderly as well as disabled shower seats serve the same purpose and are fit for use for showering by people with physical balancing challenges. Besides offering support, these seats are great in minimizing falling risks. Here, we filter and deliver the best products to suit your requirements. Get our top 15 best bathroom shower chairs in 2021 reviews, in a listing below. It’s our hope these seats will offer more than your expectation.

List of Best Bathroom Shower Chairs

15. Duro-Med Transfer Bench Shower Chair, Adjustable Leg, Cut-out Seat

Duro-Med Transfer Bench Shower Chair, Adjustable Leg, Cut-out Seat

If you have been experiencing difficulties when bathing, you can now take a shower with ease. Duro-Med has crafted this sliding transfer shower chair to ensure you can easily transfer from your wheelchair. The bench is designed to enhance safety to care or the disabled by reducing back strains. Further, the non-slip plastic seat featuring a strap enables the seat is intact and free from movements. Above all, the bench enjoys a durable and lightweight frame for easier transportation. When bathing, the seat is sliding hence no need of moving whole benches as you just slide to the shower.

14. Drive Medical Bath Bench, Tool-Free Assembly

Drive Medical Bath Bench, Tool-Free Assembly

Bathing your physically challenged or elderly loved one is now made easy by Drive Medical. They have crafted a bench which guarantees safety, comfort, and security. Before even taking it into your bathroom, the seat is easy to assemble without requiring tools. On the other hand, bathing is a breeze since legs are adjustable (1-inch increment) to increase convenience. No sliding even on the wet floor since its feet has suction styled pads. The sitting surface is perforated to make sure water flows freely hence eliminating slipping. It can support up to 400 pounds.

13. Medline Microban Bath Bench

Medline Microban Bath Bench

Medline Microban Bath Bench is a perfect seat for people with standing and balancing problems as well as older adults. Designed by professionals, this bench is very useful. All you get when using this seat is the comfort and enhanced safety to use it either in your shower room or direct on the bathtub. The angled legs fitted with non-slipping rubber feet to reduce slipping and also increasing security. Additionally, when you want to adjust the height of the chair, it features a push button and can change from 14.5 to 19.5 inches. To increase its safety, the bench is enhanced with antimicrobial Microban. It can hold up to 300 pounds.

12. EasyComforts Bath Chair/Bench

EasyComforts Bath Chair/Bench

For elderly and disabled people, bathing can be a challenge if they do not use supportive seats. If you are there and experiencing inconvenience when bathing, solace is here. The EasyComforts Bath Chair/Bench is specifically designed to offer a secure and stable sitting as you bathe. Featuring a non-slipping seat, there are no chances of slipping when it get wet. Additionally, the seat has holes to drain water and cut out handle at the edges for firm support. This bathtub chair can adjust from 14-21 inches while supporting 300 pounds.

11. Healthline Trading Bath Bench, Adjustable Back

Healthline Trading Bath Bench, Adjustable Back

Bathing has never been secure and enjoyable than when using Healthline Trading Bath Bench. Designed and constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, the seat is durable and lightweight, hence lifting is simple. Additionally, the aluminum frame ensures no corrosion or rusting thus providing safety to the user. Sitting panel is sturdy and comfortable featuring drainage holes and made from blow molded plastic. To increase stability, legs are angled while suction cup styled rubber gives a firm grip. Healthline Trading Bath Bench can hold a weight limit of 325 pounds.

10. HomCom Medical Shower Seat, Arm, and Backrest, Adjustable

HomCom Medical Shower Seat, Arm, and Backrest, Adjustable

Everyone deserves a fair treatment regardless their physical status. This medical shower seat from HomCom is a perfect gift to all elderly or disabled peoples due to its superior and friendly construction. The chair is exceptional and boats some of the best features. Among them is the installed detachable side armrest on both sides to provide enough support. Additionally, the backrest which is also adjustable makes it a perfect choice. A combination aluminum frame and polyethylene seat gives the chair adequate strength while boosting portability due to its lightweight. The sitting panel features perforations which ensure no water pooling hence a non-slipping experience. Its weight ceiling is 300pounds.

9. HomCom Medical Bathtub Safety Stool/Bench Shower Seat

HomCom Medical Bathtub Safety Stool/Bench Shower Seat

When it comes to people with stability issues due to various factors such as age, medical condition or disability they require special attendance. Bathing such a person can be challenging since they can’t stand on their own. The solution is to bathe while seated as it eliminates falling risks. Well, a good option to mitigate that can be buying this medical showers stool from HomComs. The seat has adjustable legs to fit people of different height, non-slipping feet with rubber enhancement and heavy-duty lightweight aluminum frame. Unlike others bathroom chairs, this one has an adjustable seat to offer maximum comfort and can support up to 300 pounds.

8. Aidapt Solo Fold Up Seat, Back, and Armrests

Aidapt Solo Fold Up Seat, Back, and Armrests

Make your bathroom a warm zone even for you elderly or physically challenged. It’s not a hard task as you need only to get Aidapt Solo Fold Up Seat. It’s an easy to use seat and also supportive thus ideal for everyone. The chair come featuring armrest and adjustable back and legs to maximize comfort. When adjusting legs, it allows for fine adjustment of 1 inch hence working your ideal height. There is no gambling with is durability considering it comes with an aluminum frame with a polymer to keep it looking new as well as preventing corrosion and scratches. Its weight limitation is 400 pounds.

7. Grab Bars GBS 24″ Rectangular Phenolic Shower Seat

Grab Bars GBS 24" Rectangular Phenolic Shower Seat

Installing this rectangular shower bench in your bathroom is a great move in assisting disabled and seniors. Being capable of adjusting, it makes bathing smooth for every needy person. The sturdy construction ensures that it can be used in places with high traffic and it’s ADA compliant. On the other hand, even though this seat is all installed, adjusting height is simple depending on the height of a person. It can also full collapse to facilitate easy storage. Unlike the other bathroom chairs, this one features stainless steel legs which facilitate height adjustment. It can support up to 400 pounds.

6. PCP Shower Transport Chair, Lightweight

PCP Shower Transport Chair, Lightweight

If you have been struggling when washing a disabled person, you can now feel a sigh of relief with PCP Shower Transport Chair. This is an outstanding transfer chair is dedicated to ensures you enjoy safe and easy bathing. This is because; it is fitted with swiveling casters to ensure easy movability. Despite its tons of features, it is extra lightweight due to the aluminum frame and an elastic nylon backrest. Additionally, the chair is fitted with a bucket and lid. Upon removal of the pail, the seat can move over almost all toilets. The seat is detachable and easy to clean hence maintaining a sanitary condition. Further, the seat can carry up to 300 pounds.

5. HotelSpa® Soft Touch All Purpose Shower Chair

HotelSpa® Soft Touch All Purpose Shower Chair

These days you don’t have to equip your bathroom with big and showering chairs. You can buy this simple looking all-purpose chair from HotelSpa. It features a simple design, but its performance is extraordinary. First, the seat is beautifully crafted hence will complement your bathroom décor. Stylish design is ideal for eliminating hospital looking style hence creating a sense of modernity. The light weight and sturdy legs make it multi-functional, and you can use it as a chair or for support purposes. The manufacturer offers a range of colors for you to choose. Above all, it can handle 300 pounds.

4. GBSContour Contour Folding Shower Seat, Teak, Wulnut

GBSContour Contour Folding Shower Seat, Teak, Wulnut

Give you bathroom a new appearance by installing this folding shower seat. Unlike the majority of bathroom showers on the market today, this one is exceptional. This frame comes in a variety of materials such stainless steel, polished oils among other, the seating panel is teak or walnut. This combination creates a blend of attractive and appealing finish. Upon installing, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space due to its folding nature. Further, with proper installation, it can handle 500 pounds and is ADA compliant.

3. JCMASTER Bathroom Shower Chair

JCMASTER Bathroom Shower Chair

There is no need to strain again for people with different disabilities when showering. JCMASTER have crafted a modern looking and sturdy bathroom chair which ensures you experience ultimate satisfaction. When you think about the ease of assembling this chair, you will be amazed since it can be assembled without tools. To promote a clean environment, this chair is manufactured from recycled materials. Further, no sharper corner which can injure you this one has curved edges and ergonomic handles to make your work easy. Its legs are adjustable to either lift or lower the seat hence choosing your perfect one. The chair can hold up to 250 pounds.

2. JCMASTER for Disabled Round Stool Bath

JCMASTER for Disabled Round Stool Bath

Having a small spaced bathroom isn’t a limitation that can prevent you from equipping it with a shower chair. JCMaster is here to ensure you enjoy every moment during the bathing period. It is constructed while enjoying a compact design combines with foldable legs. The feet of this seat are non-slipping hence you can use it in a shower or can be applied directly to the bathtub. With a capacity to support 250 pounds, the chair enjoys sturdy and corrosion free. Its bench is padded to deliver ultimate comfort when bathing.

1. JCMASTER Folding Shower, High-Quality Material

JCMASTER Folding Shower, High-Quality Material

Now, if you want to treat your bathroom with an excellent chair, this one from JCmaster is and an ultimate selection. Unlike other products, this one is extra lightweight to make portability simple. It features aluminum frame which gives it strength as well as durability since it’s free from corrosion or rusting. The construction features a unique design whereby the chair features angled legs, padded feet to increase stability and ability to adjust either up or down height. Besides medical uses, the chair comes with other multiple uses. Weight support limit is 250 pounds.


Well, getting a reliable and durable bathroom shower seat call for a serious evaluation. This is because different brands offer varying qualities which leads to variation in strength and other performance. With our honest reviews, you can now get the best seat for your bathroom and experience the real support and safety not forgetting comfort.