Top 10 Best Barcode Scanners of 2024

Over the past few decades, barcode scanners have gained lots of popularity. They have provided a means of ensuring quick, easy and accurate data collection. Before the invention of smartphones, barcode readers or scanners have been quite expensive, and people have been limited to certain brands. However, it is now easier with your Android device to do barcode scanning. However, you need to get something right in your skull. There are three basic types of barcode scanners. We have a laser, CCD linear and 2D area imagers.

The first, laser scanners are the most popular. It operates by emitting a red laser that reflects back the code for processing. Now, the Bluetooth laser barcode scanners are quite small and easy to use. Alongside being portable, the laser scanners are powerful, fast and accurate. The main demerits of laser barcode scanners are that they produce ambient light which can cause challenges. Also, they cannot scan barcodes from a mobile or computer display. The Charged coupling device-CCD features an imaging engine which decodes the characters of a barcode. On the other hand, 2D images work by capturing the field then decoding the results. They are versatile and powerful as a result. Now, regardless of the type, let’s see the best barcode scanners.

List of Best Barcode Scanners