Top 10 Best Baby Name Books of 2024

Are you expecting or planning to have one soon? Many parents will prepare for clothing and other baby stuff. But, for the name, many people will rush in the last minute to find the perfect one. Avoid the hassle no by getting the best baby name book. With many books present on the bookstores, there is a chance to get a unique and sweet baby name. With many tricks of finding names available today, identifying your kid with a unique one is an aspiration of every parent.

Reading different books offers the ability to get a perfect choice. It gives every parent a chance to choose or combine different names. Having the latest edition of name books brings great joy and ease of selecting the perfect for your newborn. To avoid the last minute rush, check this collection of the best baby name books that every parent should read.

List of Best Baby Name Books

10. Irish Baby Names (Collins Gem)

Irish Baby Names (Collins Gem)

Meet the Irish cousin of the Collins Gem Babies Names book. It entails a detailed guide of over 2000 of the popular Irish first names. So, it is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to bestow an Irish name for their newborn. It also provides a brief explanation of the meaning of each particular name. Well, this book is being reissued in paperback. With new text design and stylish cover style, this will surely impress everyone including kids and the elderly.

The book explains why Irish names spread to most English speaking countries of the world. Also, it pays special attention to what has happened to these names after they left the original country. Well, the names are given in Gaelic and Anglicized form as well as translations that have taken place over the years.

9. Classic Biblical Baby Names: Timeless Names for Modern Parents

Classic Biblical Baby Names: Timeless Names for Modern Parents

Your baby needs a perfect name since it is one of the greatest gifts a parent can offer. Since it is one of the challenging decisions you can make, Judith Tropea offers an attractive book with a wide variety of biblical baby names. In this book, names are drawn from both the New Testament and Old Testament. These names are carefully selected to meet the contemporary taste that outlasts trends.

The names are organized alphabetically and classified according to gender. Each entry in this book features scripture stories surrounding each name, meaning and spiritual connotation. It also provides citations from the Bible and the proper pronunciations of each name.

8. 25,000 + (Baby Names) by Bruce Lansky

25,000 + (Baby Names) by Bruce Lansky

Are you sure of what to name your baby? If not, this book provides an authentic guide that will help you choose a name that will last the ages. It provides over 25000 beautiful boys and gals names. Also, it provides guidelines for naming your baby, names popularity, origins, and meanings. As well, the book offers famous namesakes and amazing name trivia. The author is renowned for many years and has appeared in many TVs portraying his professionalism and passion for baby naming.

7. The Name Book: Over 10,000 Names by Dorothy Astoria

The Name Book: Over 10,000 Names by Dorothy Astoria

Have you ever heard of Dorothy Astoria? She is one of the remarkable baby name book authors. The Name Book is one of the best-selling baby name books. It provides over 10000 names, meanings, origins, and interesting trivia. Well, it provides cultural origin, literal meaning and the spiritual significance of each name. For every name, she quotes a perfect verse from the bible to ensure every parent has that unique one time chance to bless their kids. Also, the book offers an attractive text layout and amazingly beautiful top cover.

6. The Baby Name Wizard, Revised 4th Edition-2019

The Baby Name Wizard, Revised 4th Edition-2019

Some people may assume it, but for a fact, the name you give to your kid at birth affects the start of their life in one way or the other. One of the best-rated baby name book, the Baby Name Wizard, offers an interesting list of names for a modern parent to choose from. The names are listed in an alphabetical order to make the process of selecting quite simple. This guide uses a research analysis based on computer-generated models.

So, it creates a visual image of each name, and you can examine its usage for the past 100 years. Also, this unique approach suggests promising name ideas. In addition, each name snapshot provides the category of each name. Also included are nickname options, pronunciations, variants, classic examples and names with similar styles and feelings.

5. Baby Bear’s Real Name: Leveled Reader

Baby Bear's Real Name: Leveled Reader

This is an interesting baby name book written by Beverley Randell and various authors. It provides an extremely simple and amazing way for you to select the best name. It uses funny and engaging stories and is perfect for struggling as well as emergent readers. If you’re a teacher, your students will love the thrilling stories about a baby bear getting a real name.

However, if you aren’t a reading teacher, you might find it necessary to seek a teacher’s guide. However, the book gets more thrilling as you continue reading it. It is an ideal baby name book for kids aged 5 to 7 years.

4. The Name Book: Over 10,000 Names

The Name Book: Over 10,000 Names

Here is another baby book name which provides meanings, origins and spiritual significance. It is written by the prominent baby name book author, Dorothy Astoria. It is being issued in paperback of 298 pages. It is easy to ready and delightful book providing over 12000 names including their cultural and spiritual significance. It also includes the supporting scriptures.

The text design is stylish and colorful for every kid to enjoy reading. The book also captures personalities linked to various names. So, you can choose the best name for your baby depending on the strength and taste you feel for each name.

3. Boy Baby Names: For 2019

Boy Baby Names: For 2019

You have been searching for the best baby boy name. Here is a perfect book for you. It provides a variety of 650 boy’s names to help you in making an informed decision. There is a wide variety to select from consisting of both classical and modern names. Arranged in alphabetical order, this book has made the selection process for the best baby boys name extremely easy.

Also included are the meanings, origins, pronunciations to enhance a perfect understanding of every name. Also, this book can help you select the best name that rhymes with the family’s surname. Besides, each name is subdivided into easy to read sections. It offers parents an opportunity to make the most difficult yet rewarding decisions that would end up kick-starting the baby boy’s names.

2. Best Baby Names for 2019 by Siobhan Thomas

Best Baby Names for 2019 by Siobhan Thomas

Are you looking for the best information concerning the latest naming trends? You will find this baby book written by Siobhan Thomas very useful. It includes an A to Z directory of over 8000 names. It is an easy to use guide offers over 100 inspirational lists, trends and predictions of 2019. It also encompasses recommendations for choosing the perfect names.

It also showcases modern names and their variants. In addition, this book covers classics that have stood the test of time. This naming guide provides literally everything you would need for a smooth naming process.



This is another best-selling baby book. It is written by Rusty Cove-Smith and provides unique tips and inspirations every parent needs to know while selecting the best names for their kids. It provides a list of over 2000 names common in the United States. It is a unique book that will aid you in selecting the best boy and gal’s name.

Also, this book will tell you how many babies were named a particular name in previous years. You’ll also learn how to make a chart for selecting a unique name for your child. This kindle book will also help you discover the meanings and origins of every name.