Top 10 Best Automatic Hand Dryers of 2024

There are many ways of drying your hands after washing them. Whether it’s in the kitchen, washrooms and other places, cleaning hands is vital. Of many ways of keeping hands dry, an automatic dryer is a good option. Unlike towels and other drying clothes, these machines operate automatically. This means you just need to place hands on the drying area and it delivers hot hair. To achieve this, the device has a sensing feature that enables the dryer’s performance.

Depending on where you are going to use your machine, it is vital to have the ideal one. For a busy place, a high performing dryer is ideal. It allows fast drying and also improved overall performance. Since these machines use power, the wattage is essential. Furthermore, speed, durability and safety certifications among others are must check features. To add convenience in a washroom, here are the best automatic hand dryers.

List of Best Automatic Hand Dryers

11. PENSON & CO. Silver Automatic Hand Dryer

PENSON & CO. Silver Automatic Hand Dryer

This is the most economical and eco-friendly hand dryer available on the market today. It ranks among the best due to its easy to install nature not to mention its unique high speed and automatic feature.
Moreover, its elegant silver finish gives it a stylish and sleek look perfect for improving your bathroom’s décor whether it is in the restaurant, mall or club. It has an impressive wind speed of 95m/s. It will only take you take seconds to use this hand dryer which is quite impressive and better than other commercial hand dryers.

10. TCBunny 1800 Watts Commercial Hand Dryer

TCBunny 1800 Watts Commercial Hand Dryer

TCBunny’s 9.92-pounds stainless steel automatic hand dryer is more energy efficient using only 1150W for the heating element and 650W for engine power. It is an environmentally friendly way of drying your hands which will take you around 12 seconds.
Its automatic feature means that you’ll be able to save lots of money while preserving the environment since it will stop whenever you move your hands away.
The infrared sensor circuit and chip controlled technology additionally guarantee exceptional performance. The auto-stop feature is installed to increase safety; automated to stop if you don’t remove your hands after 60 seconds.

9. American Dryer EXT7 ExtremeAir Hand Dryer

American Dryer EXT7 ExtremeAir Hand Dryer

If speed is an important consideration when it comes to finding the best bathroom hand dryers, then the Extreme Air EXT7 by American Dryer is the perfect choice for you. At its highest speed, this unit only uses 540 watts. Thus you can additionally connect three units on a single circuit.
The infrared sensor will automatically turn the dryer on whenever you put your hands beneath the outlet and turn off when removed therefore helping conserve energy. The white ABS plastic resistant is not only sturdy but additionally durable and wear-resistant.
The EXT7 has an antimicrobial compound that helps prevent mold and biofilm growth thus extending its operating life. With this electronic unit, you won’t have to worry about germ transmission by using manual controls.

8. Palmer Fixture Blue Storm Hand Dryer

Palmer Fixture Blue Storm Hand Dryer

You’ll truly love this hand dryer’s elegant design that will make your bathroom look modern and sophisticated. It is a high-speed hand dryer that will save you dollars on paper towel purchase and electricity bills. Aside from its elegant stainless steel finish, this hand dryer is completely touch-less automatically drying your hands in less than 15 seconds. Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy a 5-year warranty from Palmer Fixture when you consider buying the BluStorm hand dryer.

7. Tek Motion Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer

Tek Motion Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer

This fine stainless steel automatic hand dryer delivers what it promises. It is a time saving, eco-friendly and energy efficient machine that will dry hands within 10 to 12 seconds.
The black two pack hand dryer operates at 72 decibels making it conversely quiet with lower noise. You’ll want to take this machine home because aside from the fact that its finish makes it elegant and sleek, it helps protect against rust, wear, and tear or damages.

6. Detroit Bathware –CY Household Hotel Bathroom Hand Dryer

Detroit Bathware –CY Household Hotel Bathroom Hand Dryer

This brand new and high-quality automatic hand dryer is durable with a shockproof strengthened casing making it very efficient with excellent performance. It has an infrared sensor allowing for automatic activation whenever you place your hands under the output and additionally has a 1-minute overtime protection. It is quite easy to install and operate plugging directly into any wall outlet.

5. TCBunny 1800 Watts Commercial Hand Dryer

TCBunny 1800 Watts Commercial Hand Dryer

TCBunny’s automatic hand dryer beats the competition due to its chic stainless steel design that will give your bathroom an elegant look. Moreover, its unique specifications and low range price make it a preferred option thus ranking among the best hand dryers for sale 2019.
This motion activated hand dryer is sanitary, time saving, energy efficient and eco-friendly you’ll want to own one. It has a power capacity of 1800 with a hand drying time of 12 seconds. Other specifications that make this hand dryer unique include an adjustable sensing distance of 5”, LED working indicator and 60 seconds one-time use period.

4. XLERATOR XL-SBX Quiet Automatic Hand Dryer

XLERATOR XL-SBX Quiet Automatic Hand Dryer

If noise reduction is a vital factor when purchasing electric hand dryers, you’ll probably need a quieter model and the XL-SBX from XLERATOR ranks among the best quiet models available in the market. It is ergonomically designed helping save space when mounted on a wall.
Moreover, it has an excellent looking appearance and comes with a noise reduction nozzle that helps absorb a lot of noise. It dries hands in less than 15 seconds, and the automatic infrared sensor helps conserve energy; stopping automatically after 35 seconds if hands are not removed. The polished stainless steel cover protects against wear, rust or damage.

3. Tek Motion Silver White Premium Quality Hand Dryer

Tek Motion Silver White Premium Quality Hand Dryer

Not only is this hand dryer eco-friendly, but it also allows you to save money especially on regular paper towels and your electricity bills. It has an elegant, sleek look with a brushed stainless steel cover that protects against damage, rust, and wear and tear. This silver-white unit by Tek Motion has lower noise and dries hands in less than 12 seconds perfect for bathrooms within quite buildings.

2. TCBunny 2 Pack Hot Hand Dryer

TCBunny 2 Pack Hot Hand Dryer

You can easily install this hand dryer on your bathroom wall. It has unique features that promise excellent performance with a high speed of 90m/s and a rated power of 1800W.
Moreover, it reduces the noise level by 60DBs and further includes an over-heated protection feature that will automatically stop after 60 seconds working. It is perfect for hotels, restaurants, malls and office buildings looking for quiet high-speed automatic hand dryers on a fixed budget.

1. Excel Xlerator Thermostat Resin 120 Volt Automatic Hand Dryer

Excel Xlerator Thermostat Resin 120 Volt Automatic Hand Dryer

You’ll surely be able to feel your money’s worth with this electric hand dryer by Excel. The Xlerator Thermostat Resin features a White BMC made from polymer making it very durable and sturdy. Its material additionally helps prevent any damages while reducing wear and tear of the machine.
It works flawlessly and is very fast and efficient just as other Xlerator products. Moreover, this hand dryer is quick and easy to install. With this unit, you’re sure to get what you pay for.


It’s time you said goodbye to those sticking less-hygienic paper towels that damage our environment. Electric hand dryers are the way to go if you’re looking for an economical and eco-friendly way to dry your hands. However, before making a purchase in this vast market, you need to put a lot of things into consideration when finding the best hand dryers for sale.
Remember that speed, noise reduction, and energy efficiency are all important factors to consider when selecting bathroom hand dryers. Of course, the look and price are equally worth considering but don’t let this take over your entire judgment for the best automatic hand dryer.