Top 10 Best Architecture Books in 2023 Reviews

Leaning is a continuous process. That is why getting the latest books is a big step to boost your career. Among the most coveted professions, architecture is one of them. For a hassle-free studying, whether in college or for improving your professional, architecture books are necessary. With a variety of books available, choosing right one will improve your planning.

With hundreds of architecture available from all over the world, they have different planning and designing. Having a book with a collection of architectural designs, it means that you can compare as well as come up with new ideas. Also, it gives a taste of various models, and styles from various places.

Today, we have different architectures books available. This means that main areas are easy to get which include, business, cognitive, computer naval and interior architecture. Each of the branches is unique and explores different aspects. House, landscaping and interior architecture book are the most popular and easy to find in online stores.

Although many people believe that these books are only for engineers, they can be fun to have. This is because; some are for general use. Instead of being for technical use, the books are designed for broad utilization. Buying any book for architecture, you need stores with a vast collection. Whether you are expert or studying, the following are top 10 best architecture books in 2021 reviews. They are the sure way of mastering your course and have a glimpse of real planning and designing.

List of Best Architecture Books

10. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

If you are an architect or engineer, one of the best architecture book for students and experts in this by Matthew Frederick. The 101 thing I learned in architecture school is a great book that every student should have. Unlike other books, this one uses clear and precise language that is easy to understand. As the name suggests, this book is a perfect architect and engineering students as it brings concepts, drawings, and presentation thus allowing you to have a better understanding. Moreover, with a clear guide on how to draw lines, color theory complexities and many more basics it allows you to get the required knowledge in the architecture curriculum.

9. The Four Books of Architecture – Dover Architecture

The Four Books of Architecture - Dover Architecture

A great architect starts by having rich information engineering books. However, with many books exhibiting complex language and instruction, it is advisable to look for one that is easy to read and interpret. The four books of architecture is a famous book which is written by one of the greatest architecture of the renaissance; Andrea Palladio. The book contains information on some of the influential architecture and materials used in the construction of ancient Roman temples. In fact, it has more than 200 engraved plates explaining a variety of Palladio construction work. It is perfect inspirational books for every architect whether experts or students.

8. A+ Architecture Hardcover Book: The Best of Architizer 2019

A+ Architecture Hardcover Book: The Best of Architizer 2019

Improve your expertise by reading the best architectures books. They are ideal for improving your professions and also improve your creativity. Now, the A+ Architecture hardcover book is one of the best new architectures book available on the market. Not only is the book information rich, but also a good inspiration to students. Moreover, it offers professionals grade designing and concepts to help sharpen your career with vintage designs and concepts. Moreover, the Architizer has made sure that the book provides the latest information regarding architectural designs. Apart from this book, the publisher has an information-rich site that provides broad topics.

7. The Story of Buildings- From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond

The Story of Buildings- From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond

Architects spend most of their lives designing and coming up with new concepts and ideas. If you want to become one of the best, a great architecture book is paramount. The story of the building gives students a lot of information regarding architecture. Dubbed from the pharaoh’s pyramid to the Australian Sydney opera house, the book has a lot of useful information.
Dedicated to young students, 9-12 years, the book has a lot of decorated images, and other relevant information to inspire the aspiring engineering and architects. Moreover, the historical events and other related facts make this book one of the must-have books for grade 5-7 students.

6. Designing Your Perfect House – Lessons from an Architect

Designing Your Perfect House - Lessons from an Architect

If you like a house designing, you must bear witness that finding a good book for architecture to help you is a hassle. Most of the available ones are complicated and hard to contemplate. However, your worries are now over with design your perfect house book. Easy to understand concepts presented in a simple language renders it a straightforward and important book to have. With easy to follow instruction, this concept books lets you implement your dreams into reality. Written by a famous architect with decades of experience, it means you can have your dream house by following the illustrations concepts. It’s a perfect choice to make your dream come true.

5. Book Architecture: How to Plot and Outline without Using a Formula

Book Architecture: How to Plot and Outline without Using a Formula

How to plot and outline without formula, is a good book for every architect. It brings a new concept in architecture since it gives readers the ability to craft their work effortlessly. Whether you are a student or professional architect, using this book enables you to work at any level. Moreover, learning new approaches gives you the ability to come up with creative designs without hassles. On the other hand, this book enables crafting
without necessarily using formulas.

4. Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

Aspiring to become a competent architect? There is only one secret; get one of the best architecture books for beginners. Starting with complex books will only make your life harder. But with Architecture: form, space and order book, you have a perfect jumpstarter. It is a book that has been in use for over forty years and explains basic architectural vocabularies. Boasting several editions, this fourth one is improved to give you a better understanding of architecture and improve your critical thinking ability. Also, the book explains more form, space in relation to light, organization of space and many more. With clear illustration and detailed explanation, it gives you the architectural fundamentals

3. Skyscrapers: A History of the World’s Most Extraordinary Buildings

Skyscrapers: A History of the World's Most Extraordinary Buildings

Everyone in the architectural and engineering sector knows that world is changing fast. Everyday, experts are coming up with new designs ready to be implemented. A history of world’s extraordinary building is great archducal book that gives a lot of inspiration and conceptualization. Going through the collection of amazing world skyscrapers gives you a new way of thinking. Beautiful pictures, building details, and architectural drawings keep you entertained as you learn new tricks and facts about architecture. Furthermore, the book has a vast collection of different building from all over the world spanning 125 years. This revised and updated version is even better, more informative and with latest information. It is among the best new architecture books.

2. The LEGO Architect, 1st Edition

The LEGO Architect, 1st Edition

Learn the history of architectures with amazing facts and illustrations. The LEGO architect first edition is the book that keeps you leaning t evolution of architecture. Unlike other books, this has simple presentation to enable everyone have fun when reading. In fact it is dedicated to enable learner to study areas like modernism, art deco, and high-tech. Moreover, the inspiring gallery lets you find some of the latest LEGO models.
It is a great and fun way of learning architecture. The book is suitable for all people from age of 10 and above.

1. Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design

Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design

The technology has changed the way we do things. Architecture is not left behind. Nowadays, many architects are using computers to generate plans and other drawings. However, freehand sketching skills are becoming less utilized of which is not ideal for an expert. Sketching for architecture is a book that is aimed at improving the sketching ability of designers. With simple instruction, you will find this book offers forty five steps by step exercises; from simple to 3D sketching. Moreover, the book covers tools, perspective, shading, line weight among others.


Learning architecture, you must have best books to achieve your dream. With most available books covering different areas, having a few combinations will enable you to get all necessary skills. It is time to become, the architectures you aspire.