Top 10 Best Amazon Fire TV of 2024

When it comes to entertainment, Amazon is number one. Apart from providing online stores solution, the company has embarked in providing unlimited entertainment through Amazon fire TV. Thi console is designed to enable your TV to access millions of contents available online. This means that for you to use Amazon Fire TV, you must have reliable internet to access variety of services.

Now, Amazon TV is integrated with majority of digital content offered by Amazon. Besides, it also allows accessing other sites such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO, PBS and Disney among others. So, you will have the freedom to stream unlimited content online. Although the fire TV guarantees access to online content, one needs to have an account; it operates just like a cable or pay TVs.

Now, having Fire TV console, it means you can do more than watching TV programs. It allows the user to access games. Amazingly, it is possible to get free, or you can opt to get paid games. Additionally, ability to stream music from variety of sites render these TVs ideal than others. Basically, the device offers you smart TV functions. The Fire TV usually comes Amazon Alexa software and also compatible with almost all media device like tablets, Kindles, and smartphones to enable easy steaming.

If you are looking ways to revolutionize entertainment in your home, it is simple with a Fire TV. Below we have some of the best Amazon Fire TVs in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Amazon Fire TV

5. Amazon Fire TV, 1st Generation

Amazon Fire TV, 1st Generation

If you want a games changer in your home, then get this 1st generation Amazon TV box. It’s just a compact box but brings fantastic bigger things. It allows you to convert your TV into a home of entertainment with the ability to access over 250,000 TV stations. Besides, it transforms your TV into Internet TV so that you can access YouTube, Netflix, and other online channels.

With 1080p content output, 8GB memory and super-fast 2.7 GHz it means you will enjoy ultimate entertainment. Also, connectivity is great since the box is enhanced with Bluetooth, HMDI port, USB port thus can connect to a variety of devices. Apart from TV, it is ideal for gamers since it allows you to access to unlimited new games.

4. TotalMount Fire TV Mounting System

TotalMount Fire TV Mounting System

It is time to convert your TV into a smart TV. You don’t need any complicated mean; Amazon Fire TV is the best option. This TotalMount fire TV mounting system is an excellent investment since it is compatible with all televisions and Amazon TV boxes. Whether using the old or new fire box, the system is compatible.

Moreover, there are no tools needed to fix this mounting system. The need to use HMDI tunneling is eliminated once you get thus, TotalMount Fire TV mounting system. The ventilation channels ease heat management and is ideal for wall mounted TVs.

3. Fire TV, Previous Generation

Fire TV, Previous Generation

Get all your favorite movies, programs, channels and games among others directly to your television by getting Previous Generation Amazon Fire TV. With this tiny box, it is capable of transferring your home into an entertainment hub. With the ability to access over 300,000 TV channels in UHD and 4K, you won’t regret having it in your home. Whether you want to stream content from Netflix, Hulu. YouTube, and other sites, you just do it by a click of a button.

Unlike other generation Fire TV boxes, this one comes with a unique remote which can get commands through the voice due to the incorporated Alexa. Apart from movies, this box enables access to games and unlimited apps. It boasts 2GB memory, 8GB (expandable to 200GB) storage memory.

2. All-New Fire TV 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote

All-New Fire TV 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote

The easiest way to get smart TV in your home is buying this all-new UHD, 4K Amazon Fire TV. To stream content from the internet is now easy even if your TV is not internet enables. With this Fire TV box, it allows you to access hundreds of thousands of channels, games, apps, and episodes. The box is extremely compact meaning high portability. As a result, you can carry it whenever you are traveling.

Designed to deliver real like pictures, the box provides content in UHD 4K quality. Furthermore, unlike older model remotes, this one comes with Alexa. This gives a peace of mind since you can control your TV via voice prompts. Also, the HD antennae provide wireless access to free channels like NBC and others.

1. Sideclick Remotes SC2-FT16K Universal Remote for Amazon Fire TV

Sideclick Remotes SC2-FT16K Universal Remote for Amazon Fire TV

With Sideclick remote, you can now control your Amazon Fire TV with ease. It’s a universal remote which enables secure operation of the Amazon Fire TV streaming player. With Sideclick you don’t have to worry about your lost remote, it is a universal one which can work with any Amazon Fire TV.

Moreover, when you upgrade your device, the remote is easy since only a new clip is needed. In general, the remote ensures you have maintained your operation just like when using original Fire TV remote.