Top 10 Best Air Hockey Tables of 2024

What do you love doing in your free time? If you want you to try something new; a hockey table makes a perfect choice. Basically, these equipment looks like a pool table when you view it from a distance. But, they are incredibly smooth and features thousands of small holes in the surface. It is these holes that allow the forced air by underneath fan to the surface, whereby it improves friction when a player kicks puck toward the opponents. Thereby, it can be a tricky and funny game to learn and play.

Usually, air hockey tables are created to enable players to play different styles of games. On the other hand, they come in a range of sizes. On the other hand, it’s easy to choose whether you want a table for home or commercial use. To get the ideal one whether, for home or commercial application, it should be made using sturdy and thick aluminum or nylon walls. Notably, the side wall should be strong enough since they get all the heavy –duty abuse.

Apart from the board structure strength, other internal components matter lot. Motor and fan should be strong, and UL certified to enhance safety. Also, the should be able to push enough air to keep the game to the maximum. Apart from the safe motor, pluggable boards are ideal than battery since they deliver high consistency and reliability. To keep playing surface flat and smooth, one needs to look for a board with adjustable legs for easy leveling. Instead of struggling to examine one feature at a time we have done that for you. That is why we present these top 10 best air hockey tables in 2021 for a hassle-free online purchase.

List of Best Air Hockey Tables