Top 10 Best Dog Playpens in 2023 Reviews

Pet especially dogs needs to play routinely. Exercising allows them to enjoy excellent health improvement and prevent obesity. However, when you are busy, it might be difficult to have time to let your petplay. The ideal option is to invest in a good dog playpen. They are convenient cages that restrict pet movements while allowing seamless exercising. Depending on the dog size, these pens come in varying sizes. Therefore, it’s possible to get for small as well as large breeds.

Getting a pen for a pet dog should ensure it has great safety considerations. Some are unsuitable since they come with a poor design that can let your pet get trapped. Moreover, the material used in construction is vital in ensuring you have great confidence in the safety of your pet. Pens come made of plastic, metal, wood, among others. However, some materials like wood are heavy leaving mesh pens more popular among many users. There are many aspects one needs to take care before any purchase. But, these top 10 best dog playpens in 2021 solve all your woes.

List of Best Dog Playpens

10. Midwest Pet Playpen

Midwest Pet Playpen

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor pet playpen, the Midwest model is an ideal product. This black metal exercise pen gives you a sturdy and durable enclosure to keep your pets secure both indoors and outdoors. Its electro-coat finish gives it an attractive and stylish look. The dog playpen comes with 8 2-ft wide panels arranged in different configurations. The exercise pen gives your dog 16-sq-ft enclosed area but it folds flat for easy storage or transportation. It’s quick and easy to assemble this model. The Midwest Playpen features a step-through door that allows your dog to step into the pen without disconnecting the panels.

9. Prevue Pet Products Pet Playpen

Prevue Pet Products Pet Playpen

The multi-color pet playpen gives your pet over 4-sq-ft of space. It is spacious enough for your pet hamster or gerbils. Your kids will love the multicolored panels. There are 8 panels in total each measuring 13” long with a height of 9”. For flexibility, you can add an extra playpen set to create a larger play space for your pet. The material used to make this model is non-toxic and pet-safe.

8. Advantek Outdoor Dog Kennel

Advantek Outdoor Dog Kennel

The medium-sized pet gazebo measures 60 by 60 by 60 inches when assembled. There are however three more sizes to chose from depending on the size of your pet. For a more personal feel, the dog kennel is available in 5 different shades. The kennel is great for pets weighing up to 100 pounds. It has a low-profile design to give your pet maximum protection from the weather elements. It should take you only a few minutes to assemble this unit without any tools. The kennel’s sturdy steel construction, octagonal design, and secure latching access window are some of its best features.

7. North States Petyard

North States Petyard

This is the best indoor puppy playpen to buy this year. However, it also ranks among the best dog pens for outdoors. If you are looking for the best dog exercise pen to use both indoors and outdoors, then you’ve found the right model. The high-quality model features four panels that enclose to give your pet up to 7-sq-ft of a safe play area. It is 26 inches high. You can join an extra pet yard if you are looking for a larger area for your growing pet. Being an indoor and outdoor model, this playpen has skid-resistant pads making it great for any surface. It also features a convenient carry handle so you can bring it with you anywhere you go. Besides, it unfolds easily and connects together in a process that should not take you more than 10 minutes.

6. KOUSI Pet Playpen

KOUSI Pet Playpen

The KOUSI model is a plastic pet playpen that is expandable. It gives you up to 28-sq-ft of enclosed space for your pet so that they have enough room to play and exercise. The material used to design this dog playpen assures you that your pet will be safe and secure both indoors and outdoors. You can combine the panels any way you want to make the playpen into any shape you want. Thanks to its design and quality build, this playpen is both movable and pretty easy to clean. Its solid build makes it highly durable and great for long-term use. The versatile large dog playpen is a perfect model for different pets from a bunny to a rabbit and a puppy.

5. Kousi Small Pet Playpen

Kousi Small Pet Playpen

You can also check out this model if you are looking for the best dog exercise pen. The KOUSI model is a 2-storey playpen designed with steel wire panels and plastic connectors. It is not a large dog playpen but a great model for small pets like puppies, rabbits and guinea pigs. The customizable pen with 24 panels allows you the flexibility to plan your own layout and even expand it when your pet needs extra playing area. Its sturdy but lightweight build makes it equally ranks as the best portable dog playpen to buy this year.

4. Tespo Pet Playpen

Tespo Pet Playpen

This unit is different and unique because of the cable ties and the anti-slip pieces. The cable ties help make the door stronger and perfect for any environment while the anti-slip pieces prevent them from slipping. You can customize the 12 translucent white panels into different shapes depending on what you want. Overall though, this unit gives your pet up to 20 sq ft of play and exercise space. It is easy to assemble this unit. Being a small model, we recommend you use it for small pets like hamsters and hedgehogs.

3. AmazonBasics Plastic Pet Pen

AmazonBasics Plastic Pet Pen

If you want the best indoor puppy playpen, you can settle with this plastic model. It is not only designed for indoor use but also for outdoor use. The dog indoor playpen is a 24-inch model designed with a locking-latch door perfect for small sized dogs. The 4-panel pet pen gives you 8 sq ft enclosure for your pet. AmazonBasics playpen measures approximately 35 x 35 x 23 inches. Its expandable design gives you the freedom to add extra panels to create a large play area for your furry friend.

2. X-ZONE Pet Playpen

X-ZONE Pet Playpen

The stylish design of this pen makes it stand out among other best dog pens for outdoors and indoors. The dog playpen is made of Oxford cloth fabric and polyester lining. The zipper has nylon teeth and a metal slider making it more durable and strong than other models. This playpen is available in two different sizes; if you don’t want the large pen, you can settle with the medium-sized product. The large playpen has a diameter of 45 inches and stands at 20 inches high. You can easily carry it on your next camping trip because this pet pen folds flat for storage and transportation. The zippered front door, ventilated mesh panels, and removable top are among the pen’s best features.

1. MOONTA Pet Playpen

MOONTA Pet Playpen

You’ll love the cute design of this small portable pet playpen. Besides, there are up to 6 different shades to choose from depending on your style. The pet playpen measures 28 x 28 x 17 inches. it is medium-sized and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Moonta’s pen is made of durable nylon material with a removable zippered top. The material is water-resistant and lightweight. Thanks to this material you can easily carry this playpen whenever you go. There is a zippered door that allows easy in and out access. It also folds flat for easy storage.