Top 10 Best Camera Lens for iPhone in 2023 Reviews

The tech world we live in today makes it quite easy and simple to take and share photos via our phones. Moreover, with millions of smartphones available in the market today, most people are just a foot away from a capable camera.
And while iPhone’s stock camera has received so much praise even from renowned National Geographic photographers for producing stunning images, it still doesn’t come close to a high-end DSLR camera. Fortunately, there is a way to make this possible: by investing in an iPhone lens kit.

And nothing beats a sound investment than a kit providing you the flexibility of various lenses that enhance your image quality. However, with multiple choices come tough decisions which can be quite daunting. This is why we’ve tried to make your pre-shopping decision much easier with a list of the best camera lens for iPhone that will undoubtedly help you make a final decision.

List of Best Camera Lens for iPhone

10. CamKix Camera Lens Kit

CamKix Camera Lens Kit

The CamKix set offers you four great lenses all in one kit and is perfect for someone looking to try out lenses. Moreover, it has an affordable price and will fit your budget especially if you’re working on a fixed one. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lenses’ high photo quality and wide assortment that includes a fisheye lens, a combo of the wide angle and macro lenses and the 8x telephoto.
With this pocket-sized photography powerhouse, you’re sure to find a lens that suits any subject you’d like to capture. This iPhone lens kit is compatible with the iPhone 6/6S. its mini tripod legs extends smoothly so you can always position your device more accurately.
Further, the kit has a specially made case where you can screw your preferred lens. Aside from the four lenses, mini tripod, and hard case, the CamKix kit additionally comes with a velvet bag, a universal phone holder, and microfiber cleaning cloth.

9. Siless 3-in-One Camera Lens for iPhone

Siless 3-in-One Camera Lens for iPhone

This kit includes a Wide-angle and Macro lens combo, fisheye lens, a clip, two lens caps and a cleaning cloth bag. Its metal shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy making it look very light and bright. The macro and wide angle lenses come attached together thus it’s wise to avoid detaching them if you don’t want an obscure image.
The portable universal clip allows for easy install and is also ideal for various phones. You’ll love the professional HD lens that reduces glass flare and the electroplating lens that increases translucency. With this kit, you’re sure to capture every delightful moment while enjoying all kinds of photography.

8. CamRah iPhone Lens Kit 1

CamRah iPhone Lens Kit 1

If you’re still looking for the best lens kit that will make your images look better than ever before, then perhaps it’s time you stop searching. The CamRah lens kit just made things easier and fun while allowing you the opportunity to capture every pleasant moment with your iPhone device.
This kit includes everything you need whether you want a wide angle shot, fisheye effect or taking a steady shot. Moreover, this kit is quite small you can fit it in your pocket or take it with you on you on your pouch.
The material used to design the lens clip and lenses guarantees you long-term service without breaking. This model’s latest upgrade makes it truly worth it you’ll surely be able to enjoy great photography.

7. CamKix iPhone 6 Lens Kit

CamKix iPhone 6 Lens Kit

Are you looking for an iPhone camera lens attachment with a reasonable price? This set of black camera lens kit is perfect for your iPhone. The CamKix gives you four lenses – the telephoto, wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses – all in one kit.
And while the macro and wide angle lenses come as a combo, you can easily unscrew the wide angle lens if you’d like to use the macro lens. Its universal phone holder isn’t just suitable for your iPhone 6 but equally ideal for various phones. The standard tripod socket can similarly function on most tripods.
Whether you’d like a fish bowl effect on your images, or a clear shot of images very far away, this kit offers you the opportunity to take pictures like a pro with your iPhone.

6. CamKix 9 for iPhone 5

CamKix 9 for iPhone 5

The CamKix 9 is compatible with any iPhone 5, 5S and SE devices and includes a white 8x telephoto lens, fisheye lens, macro and wide angle lenses. Further, the kit also has a mini tripod stand, a universal phone holder, hard case, velvet phone bag and cleaning cloth.
These four lenses are just perfect and will give you high-quality next-to-professional-level images you’ll surely feel like a pro. Its mini tripod is designed with retractable legs that allows for accurate positioning while the hard case lets you easily attach the lenses without damaging adhesives.
And just as other iPhone lens kits by CamKix, this kit has a universal phone holder that will not only function on a single device but various smartphones on the tripod

5. CamKix Lens Kit with 12x Telephoto Lens

CamKix Lens Kit with 12x Telephoto Lens

Unlike other lens kit, the CamKix kit suitable for Apple iPhone 6 includes a 12x telephoto lens with a manual focus ring. It allows for an excellent mobile photography experience for both the front facing camera and the back. The high-quality aluminum lenses increases their durability and promises long-term services without any breakages.
This camera lens kit has a mini tripod that allows for two different uses; with the telephoto lens and conversely with the fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses. It additionally has a phone holder and a holder ring when using the telephoto lens.

4. Xtra Clip-On Silver 3 in 1

Xtra Clip-On Silver 3 in 1

If you’re looking for iPhone camera lens attachment at the low end of lens’ price tags, then the silver Xtra Clip-On would be the right choice for you. Do not underestimate its low price though; this 3 in 1 camera lens for iPhone will make you enjoy photography while allowing you the freedom to make those photo taking sessions quite memorable.
If you’re looking to enjoy the unreal world, take small objects or shoot a larger landscape, this lens kit will undoubtedly make this possible. Xtra’s Silver Clip-On has an 180-degree fisheye lens, 10x macro lens and a 0.67X wide angle lens all perfect for any image you’d like to capture.
Further, its aluminum construction and top quality optical glass strengthens the lenses’ durability aside from making the screen even better. The Clip-On lens kit additionally includes a velvet carry bag that is soft ensuring you keep your lenses clean and safe.

3. Turata 2 in 1 iPhone Lens Kit

Turata 2 in 1 iPhone Lens Kit

Tired of your phone’s standard camera? It’s time you tried the Turata Clip-On 2 in 1 lens kit. This kit is compatible with any iPhone 7 device, iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus and 6S Plus among other smartphone devices. It features a 12.5x macro lens and a 0.45 wide angle lens both great and high quality to capture your beautiful moments in professional HD.
These lenses are both screwed together for easy storage though you can easily separate them if you want to use the macro lens. Its high quality aluminum material increases durability while the multi-element coated glass minimizes lens flare, reflections and ghosting.
You’ll surely love its sleek and elegant design that adds an excellent touch to your iPhone device. The soft rubber clip is conversely very easy to adjust and you won’t have to worry about unnecessary scratches on your device. This is truly a lens kit that will surely make those beautiful moments treasurable.

2. CamKix Eco-Focused Camera Lens for iPhone

CamKix Eco-Focused Camera Lens for iPhone

This universal camera lens kit will work with lots of cell phones including your iPhone 7, 6 Plus, SE and iPhone 6S plus. It includes a 12X telephoto lens aside from the fisheye, the macro and wide angle lenses. The lens and phone holder that is also universal will let you easily rotate the lens at a 360 degree angle whenever you want.
Its mini tripod is very useful and allows for precise positioning since it is designed with extendable legs. CamKix additionally allows you a one year guarantee on their camera lens kit thus you can refund or replace your product if you’re not happy with it.

1. Oldshark S1 iPhone 6S/6S Plus/7 Camera Lens Kit

Oldshark S1 iPhone 6S/6S Plus/7 Camera Lens Kit

When it comes to an iPhone camera lens attachment that prevents you from taking obscure images and allows you the opportunity to take high-quality pictures from your device, then the Oldshark S1 beats it all. It includes a 10x macro lens, a 180 degree fisheye lens and 0.65x wide angle.
Need we say anything about its affordable price and sleek design? This kit has lens designed with reciprocal screw allowing for easy screwing and unscrewing you won’t get stuck doing this simple task anymore. Its soft rubber clamp design guards against scratching and bumps.

Aside from the four great lenses allows you to take creative pictures, Oldshark has additionally thrown in a 12-month guarantee and 30-day money back bonus so you can be able to request a refund or replacement whenever you feel unsatisfied with your product.


When it comes to finding the best iPhone lens kit for your device, you want a bundle that includes more than one lens aside from being compatible with your iPhone device. These are two important considerations you should never overlook. Of course price and personal preference equally matters but do not let this shadow your judgment of finding a great camera lens attachment that will allow you capture high-quality, memorable images like the pro you just might end up being.